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Improve SEO and Site Performance Save Countless Hours Boost Average Order Value (AOV) and Sales Increase Sales Grow Your Email List Add Urgency and Boost Sales Recover both abandoned carts and abandoned checkout Automate Daily Workflows Urgency and scarcity Reduce Abandoned Cart Maximize Global Sales

Improve SEO by optimizing image sizes, alt-text and file names. Better site load speed and SEO -> higher ranking in Google search results, more traffic and sales. Bulk edit anything about products/variants in a few clicks, such as price, tags, inventory, title, description, vendor, SKU, sales channel availability, etc. Promote your free shipping offers with progressive messages and a cart goal. Motivate your customers to increase their order value, and boost sales. Present your promotions with a fully customized bar on your online store. Convert visitors into paying customers and generate more sales. Get your store visitors to join your email list via a fully customizable bar with easy-to-use targeting and auto-generated discount codes. Add urgency to your promotions with the countdown timer on a fully customizable banner to encourage customers to BUY NOW instead of later. Recapture lost sales with automated and targeted web push notification flows - recover both abandoned carts and abandoned checkouts. Automate repetitive tasks such as fraud order detection, vendor notification, hiding out of stock products, etc. -> Increase efficiency. Create a countdown timer and low stock countdown to promote a "fear of missing out". MUST HAVE APP for holiday discount promotion. Display discounts or coupons in a popup before customers leave your store empty-handed, and convert these visitors into your paid customers. Support currencies used by 236 countries and regions. Help your online store reach a global audience and increase your international sales.

Compliance with Social Media Schedule Based Tasks and Plan Ahead Advanced Targeting Advanced Targeting Auto Sync with Top ESPs Multiple Timer Types Increase new sales Schedule Based Tasks Social proof and build trust Advanced Targeting Auto-Convert Currencies

Bulk square, resize, or crop images to fit any social media or sales channel listing, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, etc -> professional looking product listing, and generate more sales. Schedule bulk edit tasks to run on any future date and time, or on daily/weekly basis. Plan and schedule your holiday sales in advance. Display different free shipping offers based on country, pages, device and time period. Optimize your revenue boost from targerted free shipping. Offer targeted discounts based on country, products & collection, time period, and traffic source to optimize your return from promotions. Automatically sync your contacts with top email service providers including MailChimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Sendlane, etc. Multiple timer types to fit any type of promotions and events, including one-time, auto-recurring, daily and weekly timers. Increase store traffic and sales by automatically sending back in stock notifications, price drop alerts, and promotional campaigns. Schedule based tasks such as daily sales reporting; set and forget -> You can get on top of your store performance anywhere anytime. Display trust badges to increase your customers' buying confidence and boost sales. Offer customized or unique discount codes based on country, pages, cart values and device. Optimize your profits with targeted promotions. Auto-convert displayed prices into visitors' local currencies. Provide a localized shopping experience to increase conversions and sales.

Watermark and Protect Images Smart Restore Curated Holiday Themes and Animation Curated Holiday Themes and Animation Curated Holiday Themes and Animation Advanced Targeting Engage visitors on all devices Save Time Promotions on checkout flow Holiday and Event Themes Advanced Rounding

Add watermark to your product and theme images in bulk -> protect your images from being used by your competitors With just 1 click, you can undo any change and revert back to the pre-edited state. Bulk edit safely and with confidence. Curated bar background images and animation, express the holiday and promotion mood to your customers to increase conversions and generate more sales. Curated bar background images and animation, express the holiday and promotion mood to your customers to increase conversions and generate more sales. Curated bar background images and animation, express the holiday and promotion mood to your customers to increase conversions and generate more sales. Easy-to-use advanced targeting based on countries, products/collections, promotion periods and social Ads such as Facebook Ads, to maximize your sales and profits. Engage and convert website visitors on both mobile and desktop without needing their emails or creating a mobile app. Take daily repetitive tasks off your shoulder by handling them automatically -> You can have more time to refine marketing and grow sales. Not only on product pages, but also on collection and cart pages to increase conversions across your checkout flow. Curated holiday themes help you express the holiday mood, increase conversions, and generate more sales. Auto-round the converted prices into whole numbers or numbers ending with .99 so that customers see clean and professional prices.

What customers are saying

Lifesaver to SEO

This app works great in the background to just keep images minimized and up to date with good SEO alt tagging and file naming. It’s also a lifesaver when I get a batch of images that need to be squared or really any bulk task.

- Stari Lane Jewelry

Save hundreds of hours

This is the most useful app. It literally saves hundreds of hours of tedious work; it allows one to organize the shop nicely; my most recent use is with Google Merchant Center, which is saving boatloads of time, due to Google needing very specific parameters. Previously I used the tagging feature to help organize my shop better for ease of customer use. No matter what feature of Shopify you need to bulk edit, this has an option for it. Amazing!

- Flyingcolorsbaby

Boost average order value (AOV)

I've been using the free shipping bar for a couple years now. Has made a huge difference in getting our average order value higher. Support is really quick too

- Backyard Bird Centre

Configure in 2 mins

This is a must have to add to your store. Its very easy to learn to use (literally 2 min) and the bar can be changed very easy and quick should you need to update the message. Lots of fonts and colors to select from for customization. Would recommend to anyone opening a shop and I am adding some of their other items.:)

- Dotboxed

Works great with Facebook

Simple and easy to use. It does exactly what I want and more. The bar is a great alternative to screen popup since FB does not allow popups for their ads

- Yowatchshop

More sales

Incredible app. Has made the difference I believe in more sales in my store by offering a 5% off coupon. Not to mention their customer service, by far the best I've come across! They made some custom changes for me on my site so things would work perfectly. Great guys and great app!

- Nairda Enterprises

Boost my sales 6x

Best app I have ever used, It is so easy to use and boost my sales 6x. I am in love with this app! It engage all visitors to buy more products at my store. My experience have been the best ever!!!

- QueenCareUp

Automate many tasks

It automates many things and helps you save time. If a customer buys from you more times you can make him/her VIP customer. You can also hide products that are out of stock and make it republish once they are back. It helps you automate your vendor fulfil the order. It is a great app.

- Ambaar

Intuitive, simple to use

Very easy and intuitive templates, and it offers a great hands on learning to step up into other funnel software that goes a bit more in depth and has other functions that relate more to closing the deals and moving customers through your website. Definitely a recommend!

- Van of Brands

$1000 extra sales in 10 days

This one is really a top notch for my store. For 10 days I made 1000$ additionally coming from the discount code order. This money is absolutely an additional to me because I used the option to show the pop up when customer try to close my website.

- Www Maxifashion Bg

Price in localized currency

Great cost-effective app for allowing customers in ANY country to see your products in their own country's currency. Excellent customer service, easy to set up. Highly recommended.

- Lil Worker Safety Gear

Save countless hours

This app has saved me countless hours. If your product images have varying sizes, you absolutely need this app, as it allows you to resize the image canvases to a consistent size. My website looks much more consistent and professional now thanks to this bulk image editor.

- Iron Beech

This App pays for itself

Love this APP... It paid for it's self on the first bulk edit, and then some. It saves me countless hours applying edits and fine tuning product descriptions. I can also insert keyword phrases in large groups of products with an investment of less than a minute. The days of editing products one at a time, have ended! Thank The Lord God Almighty! We have also used the editor to modify prices, and compare to prices. All very fast and saves us many hours of searching and editing individual products.

- Potters Fire

40% revenue increase

So easy to set up love it! Will monitor now for conversions. 1 week later = 40% increase in revenue. I can hardly keep up! This is the first time I've offered free shipping and obviously customers love it. My conversion rates have increased by 5% also. Super awesome app!!!!!

- Auswrap

Fit many use cases

This is a great app! Works perfect. I use it for all sorts of announcements. Sales, shipping. I even posted an announcement about delayed shipping during hurricane Harvey. My favorite use for this app is when I leave town for a few days. It allows me to let people know their orders might be delayed. I keep an I ship to the United States only up all the time. That stops the constant flow of emails asking if I ship international or not. Strongly recommend the app. It's so easy and I bet you'll find tons of ways to use it, too!

- Quilt Girls

Collect more emails and more sales

Very easy to use! I am just getting started and I have already collected so many emails and my sales have driven up for my bohemian and jewelry store. Thank-you so much for this app!

- Knickknackland

Simple and quick to setup

This is a very simple to deploy app. And, you can customize it to match your business's colors or website style. The countdown clock deploys immediately, we had ours at the very top of each page on our website. Customers really noticed the countdown, and got rather excited as the last day to place made-to-order items grew ever closer. A ripple effect of increase phone and email inquires also took place. Creating a sense of urgency is a powerful sales tool, and this Countdown Dimer certainly does that.

- Potters Fire

Great marketing automation

This is one of the simple apps that can add so much to your website. It helps with abandoned carts recovery and setting up a decent campaign for it. for those that are starting up and do not have the resources for a VA, this app will help you automate some of those marketing functions that are important for the business, yet, are hard to keep track on a daily basis.

- The Blue Cliff

Powerful and save lots of time

This app saves our company hours every day and the automation that were missing from Shopify for so long are now possibly with the Shop Workflow Automation app! This app can do so much more than you think at first glance! I would encourage all users to click through all of the combined conditions and see how many unique cases that this app can identify and create automation based off of!

- Ejuices Co

Increase in sales and loyal customers

This App is really rooted in giving a new customer every possible reason why they should buy from me, which results increase in sales and reputation of the company. Honestly speaking, I would definitely recommend this App for anyone who wants to boost sales rapidly and gain loyal customers.

- Swagger Dynasty

Seeing sales increase right away

Such an easy app to install and use. No tech required... just plug and play and I can't believe how much of an increase in sales our store has had from the moment we installed Last Second Coupon. I didn't expect the results to show for a little while, but it literally happened instantly! Thanks so much!

- Punkturedau

Must have

The multi currency converter is a must have for any shopify website. It provides a great service for visitors of your site from other countries (e.g. USA, Canada, UK) to be able to provide the prices of products in their currency.

- Loveyourpoodletoday

Optimization on autopilot

A very powerful app that is easy to use and will manage your photos on auto-pilot without having to think about it. Every 24 hours, the app automatically turns all newly added photos into squares, compresses them and changes the image title and alt-text. This app is worth every cent and more. Customer Service is also outstanding.

- The Watch Stop Australia

Save money

This APP is Amazing. We are having our Website updated and wanted to change the description on all of our Products. The Developer said they could not do it in Bulk and wanted $500-$800 to make the change. We found this APP and it changed our descriptions on 2,000 products in Minutes!!! Will recommend to Everyone!!

- Gigglesticks 3

Great reminder

Easy to install and customize, have been using for about a year. My favorite feature: after a customer adds an item to their cart, the shipping bar tells them how much left they need to spend to receive free shipping. Definitely a great reminder and opportunity for upsales.

- Grassroots Baby

Plenty of features

Easy to navigate. Free version has PLENTY of customization; not just basic or boring. I really enjoy all the feature options; ie. button or bar link, hide option, customizable fonts, colors, and sizes. I use it for so many, well, quick announcements! haha

- Bodhi Box Monthly

Boost sales

Great app! Super easy to set up and made an immediate difference to the collection of emails and sales to my store! Being able to provide the discount code to customers immediately after signing up helps with the flow of the checkout process. Highly recommend!

- Inner Muse

Looks great on both mobile and desktop

GREAT app! Super easy to set up and it looks great on both mobile and desktop. Customer service is off the hook (as the kids say) too! My questions were answered instantaneously through chat and when I wanted to make a change, they made it for me. Literally within seconds. Highly recommend!

- Zzz Bears

Recapturing lost sales

This is the most comprehensive recapturing and automation tool available - This makes our shop a lot of profit from sales that would've otherwise been lost for one reason or another! The interaction also builds great customer trust! I would not run a store without Smart Push Marketing.

- YourDealsDelivered

Prevent fraudulent orders

Very useful app for automating tedious tasks. Highly recommended and easy setup. I am using VIP tagging and tagging high risk orders automatically and sending notification to limit the chargebacks.

- Fashiongallerystore

Generate more sales

Helps make my website look more professional therefore i am able to generate more sales. I would recommend this as it gives customers a sense of security when using the trust badges.

- PlantCandy

$1500 extra sales because of this App

I've been using this app for my t-shirt shop for a few months now and I have made over $1500 in sales directly attributed to this app.

- Super Fan Shop

Sell globally

this apps is a very good apps and i like it so much, it helps me to create a new opportunity in dropshipping world, makes my customer easier to view my currency product

- thegoodsyouneed
Bulk Image Edit Bulk Product Edit Free Shipping Bar Quick Announcement Bar Email Collection Bar Countdown Timer Bar Smart Push Marketing Shop Workflow Automation Ultimate Sales Boost Last Second Coupon Multi Currency Converter Free plan available Free plan available Free plan available Free plan available Free plan available 7-day free trial | From $6.99/month Free plan available Free plan available Free plan available 7-day free trial | $9.99/month 7-day free trial | $9.99/month 1250+ reviews 900+ reviews 7750+ reviews 3600+ reviews 460+ reviews 460+ reviews 580+ reviews 110+ reviews 3000+ reviews 160+ reviews 220+ reviews Optimize image SEO/Alt-text, rename, compress, resize, watermark in bulk Bulk edit thousands of products automatically, CSV & Excel import bulk edit, no more manual product editing Free shipping bar with auto-updated cart goals to boost your average order value Promote discounts on a fully customizable announcement banner to increase sales Grow your email list with a fully customizable bar, and boost sales Countdown timer to add urgency and scarcity, nudge customers to Buy Now Abandoned carts recovery, back in stock and price drop alert via web push notifications Your free virtual assistant, automate your daily workflow Increase sales with scarcity, urgency, trust, countdown timer Exit coupon, convert window shoppers into your paid customers, boost conversion rate Provide localized shopping experience, increase your global sales